Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex, is engaged to music producer, Marc Schaffel (Apr 12 2014)


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By Rebekah Penner , 4/12/2014

She said yes! Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, is now engaged to Marc Schaffel.

The couple have been together for some time now and have been talking about getting engaged for a while, reported E! News.

Schaffel proposed three weeks ago, however, Rowe would not say ‘yes’ until her latest doctor’s appointment informed her she did not have terminal cancer as she had anticipated, according to TMZ Instead she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a non life-threatening disease.

After saying yes, Rowe said, “ He loves me, knows my kids, loves my kids and we’ll see where this goes.”

By kids, Rowe referred to the two children she had with Jackson while they were married.

A date for the wedding has not yet been set.

Schaffel was closely linked with Jackson as they worked together on a number of projects including the song, “What More Can I Give,” for which Schaffel was credited as the executive producer.