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Hello MJEOL Family!

I was gonna have to do this sooner or later.
I needed some closure.
This 'short film' was inspired by all the drama of the
past 2 years. I have always loved this song. Its really beautiful.
I had no idea there were so many other versions on YouTube! They are all beautiful!
Just wanted to share this with my peeps!
Some of you may not like some of these pics.
Please understand that I mean no disrespect, first and foremost
to Michael, or to any one here.
I wanted to be able to tell a story that could be placed in a time capsule,
so anyone watching years from now would understand what happened.
Enjoy! Comments are welcomed!
Susie :whistling


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Thanks TevaMac!

I am gonna take this down and upload it again.
It has a bit of a stutter, and I need it to flow better.

I'll be back with the new link.



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OMG! I'm terrible!
I have to say that I am with a LOT of things, especially if
I am presenting anything to someone else.
But with MJ, there is absolutely NO ROOM for errors!
I WILL get rid of that stutter.
It messes up the flow of the 'short film.' :pullhair