Jackson has left Neverland for pal\'s yacht: family source

Jackson has left Neverland for pal's yacht: family source
Thu Jun 23, 9:39 PM ET

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Frail pop icon Michael Jackson has left his Neverland Ranch, where he holed up following his acquittal last week, and is aboard a friend's yacht moored in California, a family friend said.

The source close to the famous clan also said that Jackson was planning a trip abroad after being released from his 19-month legal ordeal over child sex charges, but could not go anywhere as prosecutors had lost his passport.

"Michael left Neverland about a week ago," the source told AFP. "His friend has a yacht and that's probably where he is right now," the source added.

Jackson family spokeswoman Angel Howansky confirmed Jackson had left the sprawling, fantasy-inspired Neverland estate nestling in the rolling hills of central California, but could not say where he had gone.

"He's not at Neverland, but I don't know where he is," she told AFP cautiously.

The family source also revealed that District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who has now failed twice in his bid to convict Jackson for child molestation, had not returned the star's passport as he was ordered to do by a judge last week.

"The DA can't seem to find his passport," the family source said. "He's planning a trip out of the country after he gets it back," the family friend said.

Sneddon unsuccessfully attempted to prosecute Jackson on child molestation charges in 1993 until the case collapsed when Jackson sealed an out-of-court settlement with the alleged victim, prompting allegations by Jackson's family that the veteran prosecutor bears a personal grudge against the star.

Fox News reported that the 46-year-old "King of Pop" was "trying to leave the US for Europe" but had been thwarted by the disappearance of his passport, which he surrendered to prosecutors following his arrest in November 2003.

The US television channel also said the star was either on board a private yacht anchored in the southern California city of San Diego or in the desert gambling hub of Las Vegas.

A visibly exhausted and emaciated Jackson retreated into Neverland after a jury on June 13 found him not guilty on all 10 charges against him.

Several reports have said the gaunt and wan superstar, whose career ground to a halt following his arrest, was planning to head to Switzerland once he is able to travel again.

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Lord knows the fresh air will do him the world of good. And Sneddon, GET THAT PASSPORT BACK TO MICHAEL RIGHT NOW, JERK!!!


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I hope Michael will have a great time. He really deserves it. the freash air, and being away from cililization will do him good. Sneddon better find that passport. i bet he doesnt want to give it back and he didnt loose it. Sneddon give it back you SOB!!


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Judge Melville signed an order to have the passport returned to Michael, but it wasn't able to be given back for another 4 days because it was supposedly misplaced, or so I've read.

The bottom line is Michael has it back.

Also, I read this article days ago on MJNO and I believe it's still a rumor. I won't believe a word of this until it's confirmed by an actual CREDIBILE source.


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Originally posted by Crazy4MiJac
How in the hell do you lose MICHAEL JACKSON'S passport? :lol:

:laugh SO true.

Damn, Michael is good at sneaking around. I didn't even know he left! Man....I wish I was able to go anywhere when I pleased. :laugh