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Hello MJEOL Family! :
Hope you are all well, despite this past week.
Just wanted to say that I know things are tough right now, but
we have to just stay strong and pray.
These past five years have been very difficult, even before
Michael passed. That damn near killed me, almost took me over
the edge of the already terrible time I was having. It was like walking
out of a thunderstorm into a Tsunami. But I managed come out of all of
it on the other side...bruised, battered, but not broken.
I learned many important lessons about life in general, and myself.
Too many lessons to go into here, but the one thing that stands out is this:

"Be still and know that God is in control of EVERY situation.
He, and He alone, has the FINAL say."

I hold onto that truth as I watch the events unfold before us. Another salacious spectacle
involving Michael and the courtroom. The only bright spot? Michael does not have to bear witness
this time.
So despite Walgren, Chernoff, Murray, Grace, Velez, The Jacksons, exotic dancers, medics,the fans and anyone else involved, The Lord is gonna put this baby to bed. He is running the show, and I finally realize that. He will handle it in His way, His time. Now we may not like it, but He knows what is best, so we have to be ready to deal with whatever He decides. This was evident when our Michael walked out of that courtroom in June 2005.
Don't let all this nonsense distract you from your truth and your love for Michael. Because you all know that we loved him with our whole hearts. Flaws and all (thanks Beyonce). To the end. That love will live on. Guilty or not guilty, it will continue to live and breathe through all of us. I know it will for me.
Let these people say and do what they are gonna do. Pretend they know what happened. Pretend that they knew the 'real' Michael. We may never know the truth. Too many cowards involved. Be still and know that you did nothing to harm Michael when he was here with us. He left us so many beautiful gifts and memories. Take comfort in that truth. Be still and watch how God handles this matter.
You will be amazed.

God Bless and keep ALL of you... :respect :mjeol2


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Thank you Susie,

I hope all will take this to heart. I pray that regardless to the outcome we represent ourselves and Michael in a manner that does us proud as people.


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Check out www.joelosteen.com

Click on the Oct. 9th message.

I couldn't believe it.

I'm not sure how religious you are, but you MUST watch and LISTEN to this message.

I had the honor of meeting Joel Osteen a few years ago, and he was very kind, very
genuine, down to earth, a good old fashioned Southern gentleman.

I don't consider Osteen the Messiah by any means at all. He is a mere mortal just
like the rest of us.

Just listen to his message. I hope you can find some solace in his words.

Susie :licklips