Meeting Michael??


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Just wondering has anyone here ever met Michael in person?? if so please share your experince! also if you have any tips for the rest of us on how to meet Michael please share! :)

Black Loafers

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I havn't met him but I've seen him in real life. Finally! And I am not gonna give up..I AM gonna meet they guy :) I remember when I was 15 I was at home lying on the sofa in the living room crying my heart out casue I missed michael so much and my then I hadn't seen him IRL and also when I was maybe 16 I think I remember sitting on the porch with my aunt talking and I said to her: I wish I could see Michael. I love him so much..and I was crying. And a few years later I fianlly got my opportunity!

So for anyone who havn't seen him or met him yet...Don't give up! :D
Well, most of MJEOL already has my story memorized by now, lol, but I have had several close encounters with Michael and got the chance to briefly speak with him three years ago. (STILL feels unreal to type that, btw :lol:p) He's even more beautiful in the flesh. And very nice. :wub: Advice as to how to meet him? Well, the only thing I can really say for sure is that right place, right time is EVERYTHING, lol. You just gotta wait for that moment..then go for it. ;)

And I hope that many more MJEOLers get that same chance in the time to come! :8-26-03fruits_apple


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awwww! im so jelouis! Ive been dreaming of meeting him for years and i wish i could! he's never set foot in my town which sucks. If he does do that whole vegas thing I will go there and see him even if i have to spend every cent i have! lol


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I almost saw Michael like 3 year ago in Houston. I was supposed to go to Memorial City Mall to go ice-skating but decided against it. Literally 3 hours later, on ABC 13, I see his ass walking down the mall with hundreds of people following him. I was so pissed off. lol


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Ok wanna be extremely jealouse? lol

two good friends of mine were waiting by his Neverland gates a few years ago
and after a week of waiting he finally let them in (they were about 13 fans in total)
and they got to be with him for 4 hours, talk to him watch his videos in the theater.. lol
his videos..
saw his kids ect..

Are you all green now or is it just me? lol

I know I am.. haha


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I havn't seen him yet :(

Don't feel bad, neither have I. But it would be an experience of a lifetime though! Keep hoping, and maybe someday it will happen. I've gone as far as wishing it for my birthday before blowing out my candles, and wishing upon the northern star (you know, the whole, "Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight..."). Yeah... Kind of weird, I know. But what if it actually works? :lol