Michael Jackson recieve\'s a Jury Summon


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Originally posted by HoldMeThrillMe
we dun undastand u cos it duzn reaLLy make 2 much sense that a r@p st*r cldnT B a Juror. iz it coS da bling mite blinD th3 police Or do u fink dat mebbe da police mite catch da rapper cummin in 2 court smokin' w33d?!11111111111111one
LMAO! :crackingu Jess, you are too funny!


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Jess.. :lol:

Hmm. Michael couldn't be a juror for many reasons, and one of them is not that he's not able.

I think Vicky's post 2 pages back is right....... It's MICHAEL JACKSON for God's sake! How could MICHAEL JACKSON go into court and be a juror, he would cause hell in and out of the courtroom.

And as Michael isn't permanently living in California anymore, he doesn't have to attend anything. Which, I think, is a very good thing.