MJ Flash Mob Shut Down Nashville Street


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Flash Mob Takes Over Downtown Nashville Street

By Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Traffic stopped on Nashville's Lower Broadway Friday night. Instead of vehicles using the street, nearly 100 flash mob dancers performed to Michael Jackson's "Beat It". News of the flash mob went out over social media early in the week. "I invited some of my friends and other people heard about it and invited their friends, and told their friends. It's really a bunch of people we don't know," flash mob organizer Kristin Dabbs explained.

The group even helped flash mob participants get ready for the Friday night event. "We sent out a tutorial video on Facebook so people can kind of know most the moves before they show up," said flash mob choreographer Charee Balm. At 7 o'clock Friday night, the flash mob participants lined Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenues waiting for the music to start. Meanwhile, Metro Police officers kept a close eye on the situation and waited for the flash mob to start.

When the music started, Metro patrol cars moved into place, blocking traffic. That is when Trent Dabbs, wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt, moved into the street and started dancing. The crowd joined in and filled that section of Lower Broadway with their dance moves. Country singer and dancer Laura Bell Bundy was one of the people who took part in this flash mob. After a few minutes, the music faded down and the flash mob cleared the street, very excited about what just happened.

"It was like so cool," said one young participant. "I think it went well. Nobody got run over, so that was good," said Kristin Dabbs. Many of the people who came out said the flash mob was an opportunity they could not pass up. "I've just seen them happen before, I've seen them online and on TV. And as soon as she told me about it I was like, yes, I definitely want to be a part of that," according to Marianne Keith who was visiting Nashville from Los Angeles. Trent Dabbs was the first person out on the street. His birthday inspired the flash mob. Dabbs admitted to being a little nervous as the song started.

"I was in the front so I couldn't see much of what was going on, so I was just saying a prayer," Dabbs said. Metro Police did not stop the flash mob. Officers stopped traffic for the short time the dancers were on the street. The entire scene was over in less than five minutes.

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That was AWESOME. When the front man leading the pack came out into the street snapping, I almost busted my side laughing b/c it looked like the beginning of a Will Ferrell SNL skit or something! :hilarious :boxing Whoot woot! *Representin'!!* Can you feel the magic in the air now, you guys?! It's started! *Love* And BTW, THANK YOU Nashville police for not being asses and stopping the whole thing! (They actually helped.) :biggrin In the middle of traffic! Too cool.

I can't wait to join in the flash mob out here when it comes! :moonwalk



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Wasn't it TN that enacted the first genuine moment of silence in a Senate bldg and didn't they pass a resolution about Micheal right after his death?

Too...too KOOL