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i was just on mjjsource and this is at the top on the page. i though you guys might wanna read this incase it has happen to you or someone you know. hope this is ok.

WARNING! Question: Michael (or his children) has contacted me via email, is this really him or them?

Created: Monday, 12 September 2005


Michael Jackson's authorized team members are the only ones who communicate via email on his behalf. This would always be official and verifiable correspondence.

Michael Jackson and his children do NOT ever communicate via computer. If you are communicating with someone on the internet that claims to be Michael Jackson or one of his children, you are being deceived.

When in doubt, please ask sitemanager@mjjsource.com.

Unfortunately, this is an issue that arises quite often. MJJsource URGES YOU TO BE CAREFUL AND AWARE. There are certain individuals that use the anonymity afforded them by the internet to disguise themselves as Michael Jackson and abuse the trust of innocent fans. This is an issue that Michael's Team takes very seriously as the safety of unsuspecting fans is at risk.

If you are aware of anyone that is taking part in this type of malicious deception, please email legal@mjjsource.com.

Please do not give out your personal phone numbers or address to anyone online that you do not know and trust personally.

Michael Jackson & MJJsource care about you and your safety!

Please Note:
If you or someone you know is impersonating Michael Jackson or one of his children on the internet via email, instant messaging, chatroom, etc,. please be aware that this is a crime that MJJsource and the authorities take very seriously. Mr. Jackson's legal team will investigate all identity theft matters and the offending individual(s) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



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OMG! They're taking this seriousl!!! Dumb people who think it's really him online. I mean..they have one on MySpace..but I know it's a joke. I don't take it seriously. Some people obviously do. :nonono:


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Wacko! Come on people!

Anyways, these MJ 'impersonators' of his identity have too much time on their hands.
he doesnt let the world even see him..do fans REALLY believe its his children on myspace?? i have a myspace and i am just now starting to understand it and im 18..how could 7 and 8 yr olds know it? lol


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Michael Jackson and his children do NOT ever communicate via computer."

Why do they lie? I can assure he does communicate via computer :nonono:
im sure he does with like friends and family, but for people to believe its him talking to random fans and having myspaces and all that, especially his kids. i saw "prince's" myspace and some people REALLY truely believed it was him