NeverSeen Michael Jackson Commercial


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The below article was published Jul 09, but the commercial is from 1993. I have only one comment. Good perfumes or colognes do not go bad, they will weaken when improperly stored, but there have been containers of perfumes which were found that were over a thousand years old and still smelled good. Good fragrances properly prepared, made of natural oils from flowers, plants & tree do not spoil. Ask anyone in the business. Seeing Michael in the video will make up for the BS by both the writer and the perfume seller.

EXCLUSIVE: The never-aired Michael Jackson commercial

The article: My link

"Check out the 90 second-clip below, then read the story of Palm Beacher Neil London’s involvement with an ill-fated attempt to sell a Michael Jackson perfume. There are about 500 editing cuts in the first 15 seconds of the never-aired commercial obtained exclusively by Page2Live."

I thought I remember an article about Michael being dissatisfied with the product or was it the backlash of the hate of so many just waiting for reason to unleash that killed this product?
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OMG!!! LMAO!!!

I freakin' have this cologne, but with a different pic!

I will try to post a pic!
LOL! I never saw that commercial!

That pic is sooooo cute!
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