New Photos of Mike


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LA local radio DJ "Big boy" met Michael Jackson

here are the pics..


close friend from Myspace send this on my bulletin, sharing them with you guys. Enjoy!

He's always so beautiful to me, but here...WOW. :eek: GORGEOUS. :wub: He cut his hair! :p And I lovve the pants. :D

So he's in LA, huh? Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking, considering what's happening tonight? :whistle :popcorn

And it's always such a rush to see him in the studio! :D


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Michael looks supercool. I'm happy to see that his hair is shorter.

That DJ, Big Boy seems like an idiot. The nose joke was way out of line.


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Michael looks stunning as always. :wub:

I saw the pictures last night, but my internet shut down on my way to post them on here. :rolleyes:

Thanks for sharing, SpecialJanet25. :8-26-03fruits_apple


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The interview was a trip. He seriously could have kept those hackneyed-ass 'nose' jokes. Those went out of style in 1989.