Official June 2 2005 Thread: Closing Statements


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Originally posted by senecajackson
:lol: YEAH!!
Oh u know what else would be so funny, yet bold....if Katherine Jackson got hit with something....and Michael does it! Come on imagine the expression on her face when Micheal takes a hand full on mashed photatoes and aims it at her....then she gets him back with the cold slaw!!!!

I'm dying here!! :lol: :lol:
:biglaugh: OMG, this is hilarious!! I like the way you think! :D

Poor Mrs. Jackson! But...that's great, funny stuff! And I can just picture her yelling at him while he's laughing his cute laugh. "Michael, you stop that rite now! And pick this up!" Michael would say: "But, we're having fun! Plus, I'm a grown man!" And they just keep at it!!

Cold Slaw?? LOL I'm dying along with you!! :drinkingb

minnie michael

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Mez did a great job as always, what he said is strong and powerful..yes..just see that silly young guy has no emotion when he was asked about molestion but became very angry when talked about leaving Mike and Nl..jury has eyes i am sure i put my full hearts on that 12 people's hands..

tomorrow Mez will continue his closing statement..i refuse to read those terrible ariticles from everywhere i just believe in my own feeling and praying for Michael..after this week we will have a new life..just be patience and wait..Michael stay strong..i donot wanna tell you one more time how much i love you..that's has enough..everything is in silence..Michael..


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Almost everything that goes on in court every day is transcribed, I believe.

You can get the transcript of it on MJJSource if you're a premium member. I also know you can get a transcript in a few other places I know but I can't think of any.


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Yeah, and then Sneddie Boy'll come along and have them arrested for loitering with intent, or something.

Hey, d'y'all think anyone will EVER believe Sneddon again? (Hmmn...sounds like a new Britney Spears release).

He'll be laughed out of Santa Barbara. It's just as well for his sake he'll be retiring soon.


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All day I was laughing how pathetic the prosecution's closing statement was. I'm like WTF is wrong with Zonen? Where the hell did he go to law school? The school of porn? Their were worse during opening statements, but now they making themselves even worse!


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Originally posted by danaluvsmj
did Mez finish his closing arguments already or is he going to continue tomorrow?

Mez is not done wioth his closing statement today.. He will continue tommorow and then Prosecution will rebute before the case goes to the jury.


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Originally posted by minnie michael

On ABC news radio, Alex Stone claimed that the feeling among legal pundits is about 50/50 on guilt versus innocence and once again hyped the effectiveness of the accuser's police interview video, while conceding no one knows the jury's minds. I get more skeptical every time they go back to that well, especially when I hear such things as Steve Cron admitting in the Online Legal Review interview that he never saw the video even while he thinks it's strong evidence. Andrew Cohen seems to have done a stunning about-face on the relative strengths of the defense and prosecution cases, but there's no evidence in his article that he's seen the video either. He's just analyzing what's being said about it. How many of these jaw-flappers can honestly say they saw the video and were as impressed by it as we're being told? When the jurors make their eventual rounds of "Dateline" or whatever, we may find out it actually made little difference to their decision.

LISTEN to The's report about Gavin's police videotape, played May 27, 2005 to the jury:

Click link to LISTEN to Justice's news video!

This features reporter Raffles van Excel at Tuesday's May 31, 2005 news roundup.

Evidently Gavin Arvizo said in his police interview that Jackson "always slept on the ground!"

The jury heard it in the first 15 minutes of the tape!



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We know that Gavin cannot be trusted, so the jurors must know too! All they have to do is use common sense. They cannot use "evidence" to convict, for there's non! But, there's evidence that he's INNOCENT: Arvizo's lie!!PERIOD

What do you think: should we feel sorry that Gavin has cancer?

If so, that doesn't mean that we should feel happy or the same that he lied on the stand to ruin Mickey's life. I feel sorry for him that he has cancer, for anybody who does. But not the fact that he lied!! It's an innocent man's life on the line!! C'mon, people!


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Originally posted by sistahlamb
This is a great article!!!!!

Mesereau suggested the accuser and his brother feigned innocence on sexual matters. In a video of the accuser's first interview with sheriff's investigators "he acts like he doesn't know what an erection is. He's 13," the attorney said.

Mesereau also said the boy was unemotional as he described the alleged molestation in the video and in testimony. He asked jurors to remember the boy's demeanor on the stand.

"You saw no emotion whatsoever. When did you see him really get angry? When he talked about Michael Jackson abandoning his family," Mesereau said.

WOW, those are good arguments! You GO Mez! :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
I should've known better than to be nervous all week. I was so tensed about this closing argument but as I can see, the prosecution has lost it. They've lost it from the very beggining.


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Originally posted by HotMJ!
LISTEN to The's report about Gavin's police videotape, played May 27, 2005 to the jury:

Click link to LISTEN to Justice's news video!

This features reporter Raffles van Excel at Tuesday's May 31, 2005 news roundup.

Evidently Gavin Arvizo said in his police interview that Jackson "always slept on the ground!"

The jury heard it in the first 15 minutes of the tape!


Great video and legal commentary! So NOW the police are harrassing Michael's VISITORS? Somebody has to put a stop to that corrupt crew.


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For the Fans... A Message from Michael :tooexcite


Created: Thursday, 02 June 2005

As many of you may already know, I am with Michael every morning before his appearance in court. I share all of your love and support with him. I told him about our prayer circle out side of his gates last night. He was so touched, he wanted to be sure I told everybody how much he loves each and every one of you. He said “Turkle” please make sure you tell everyone I mean this from the deepest part of my heart.

There is no better place than Mjjsource to be able to reach as many of his loyal fan as I can with his message. So please, everyone know that he is receiving all of our prayers, unconditional love, and efforts. No one, and nothing is going unnoticed…He feels the presence of all of you.

Let’s keep dancing for him….so he can come back and dance with us!!!!

We love you more Michael!!!!!!

Karen Faye

Originally posted by Keeper of the Dream@MJJForum@ Jun 2 2005, 06:00 PM

... i hope she gives him a big bear hug every morning so he can face the lions.

Mez did a GREAT JOB! I'm soooooo ****ing happy! I can't wait until tomorrow! Mez is gonna bring it all hooooooome! :D The pros did a really badddddd job. :thumbsdown


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Funny article about boorish D.A. Sneddon! :yuk

Tension mounts in courtroom as Jackson trial nears the end
Thu Jun 2,11:33 AM ET

SANTA MARIA, California (AFP) - As Michael Jackson's marathon child sex trial nears its end, tension is bubbling to the surface, at times threatening the veneer of civility the trial judge has sought to maintain.

On Wednesday, chief prosecutor Tom Sneddon openly voiced his dislike for a colleague who had briefly joined him in court to help with the preparation of instructions Judge Rodney Melville eventually gave to the jurors.

"I got him here to carry my briefcase," Sneddon told the judge who inquired as to why Gerry Franklin had joined the prosecution team on Tuesday but not the following day.

On Tuesday, Sneddon was overheard snapping at his colleague after Melville rejected a change to jury instructions suggested by the prosecution.

"I don't think you thought this thing through before you opened your mouth," Sneddon whispered, evidently not realizing he was talking into a microphone. "We just got screwed," he added.

It was not the first time the district attorney of California's Santa Barbara county's private remarks could be overheard by the entire courtroom, earning him the nickname "the hoarse whisperer."

On another occasion, he appeared delighted as a defense witness broke down in tears, whispering out loud that it would make his cross-examination easier.

He also once told a witness outright that she was being "rude."

For most of the trial, Melville has done his best to help keep tempers down, often forcing the rival lawyers to keep still for a few minutes, a trick he says works wonders with the horses he trains.

But the usually unflappable judge on Wednesday appeared to have grown a little weary of lengthy and often confusing arguments some of the lawyers have delivered to the court.

Melville stopped himself in the middle of a somewhat muddled sentence, and told defense lawyer Robert Sanger: "I'm beginning to think like you, I'm beginning to explain all the side stuff."

The jab was not lost on Sanger who when allowed to speak starting by saying: "At my own peril."

Melville left little doubt that three months of often tedious testimony was taking a heavy toll on his patience.

"I need a drink," he said at one stage on Wednesday.

But looking sadly at his glass of water, the abstinent Melville added: "But not this."



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some more pics from yday for u guys...











i dunno about u, but all those pics... esp the ones with his dad... they're so moving :( :inlove