Signs That Michael Is Still Around


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Hey guys!
Have any other fans been having unexplained things happening to them involving M.J.?
For example, I was at Goodwill with my family a few weeks ago and i was browsing around in the book area. That whole day i had been thinking about M.J. and how much i missed him. So i was looking around by the books to see if i could find an M.J. book. When all of a sudden i found a book called "Gods words of life for teens." (I am a teen by the way) The cover was all colorful and anyone that knows me, knows that i love to talk about God and his mysterious ways. So i opened the inside cover of the book and found written in it.....
With Love,
Does anyone else find this a bit odd? I snatched that book up so fast i was jumping with joy inside! I truely believe that that was from Michael telling me he is still with me. I have had other things happen to me to but first lets hear yours.
Or am i the only one??? :confused:


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I would swear that I have never seen the moon glow as bright as it has since MJ passed away, but
I figured I was losing my mind!
So many times I turn on the radio just on a whim, and he is on! One time, he was on two stations at once as I skipped around...and this was NOT on the anniversary of his death.
I was watching VH1 Soul, and I said to myself 'the next video is gonna be Hold My Hand' and it came on! I thought I was gonna faint.
There have been too many to count.
Before he passed away, I could sense that he was about to pop up somewhere, like on BET with James
Brown and the VMA Awards with NSync! I had my tape in the VCR ready each time. My mom would always ask how I knew, and I just told her I could feel it, I just knew...I can't explain it.
Unfortunately, I felt the same way the day before he passed away. I won't go into too much detail (been there done that), but when she said 'They took him away in the ambulance, he's okay' I told her, through tears 'Mom, he's already gone...he was dead when they took him out, they are waiting for his family to come to the hospital.' She said 'How do u know that?!' I said 'I can feel it Mommie, he's gone...'

I have to go now... :crying


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I've had several paranormal experiences that I personally attribute to Michael. I will have to get into them another day though; but I've had some pretty amazing things happen. I am a "Super Sensitive" and the unusual always seems to happen around me and I can sense when Michael is around.
As for the moon-this phenomenon has been brought up in other forums. Many of us have decided to wear a moon symbol (a pendant or charm) of some kind as a personal memorial for Michael. I wear a necklace with a wolf (I love wolves -did I just give away who I am on another forum??) howling at a crescent moon filled with stars.