Some interesting articles I`ve found


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These are a few articles I`ve found about MJ.

This one is about what 50 cent thinks of the trial. I`m not sure if he thinks MJ is guilty or not. I hope someone could expain it to me:

This page has some quotes about MJ from other celebrities. There is even one or two quotes about US, the MJ fans and they are so true:

I have recently fell in love with this song and video "They Don`t Care About Us" and I found an article about it:

I think this article has already been posted but I`ll do it again:
I found this kinda funny but it`s actually kinda mean:

I have been doing some research on paparazzi lately and I found some good sites. On the first one I can`t get the video to play:

This site is about Jordan Chandler`s uncle, Ray Chandler, it is really interesting about what is said in this:

This has nothing to with anything I just thought it was an interesting painting:

I hope you find these sites helpful and intersting. :D

P.S. Tell me if the links don`t work and I will try to fix it.


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I'm sorry to say this but this is some ****ed up shit. THat doesn't sound like 50 Cent. It sounds like one of the creators of the site, making up some quote, just so they can have more readers. Everyone wants to kow what 50 Cent thinks of MJ's trial, even I do. I don't believe it. It doesn't sound like something he would say. The quote sounds too....trying to be like 50 Cent, instead of being the actual 50 Cent...know what I mean.. hmm..


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Great Statement by Famous American Comedian George Carlin [2002]: "I''m not f*****g with Michael Jackson fans. I''m not that dumb, his fans are vicious! Attack him, you''re already dead." .........................

I couldn't agree more, y'all better watch out!!!!