The Media Lied To Us Again?????


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You would like after so many years of lies and so many years catching the Media in their money making lies we'd know better.  The number of MJ Fans that went on a rant over a lie told was typical.  There were a lot.  The Tabloids used our feelings about Michael and Lady GaGa to rake in the cash by the number of times we clicked so we could read the article and create accounts so we could bash her.

I am going to post only one part of this story about who has Michael's medical records from the Pepsi incident and how they came to have them and they being released to the Media.

Yeah...right.... the Tabloids assumed...... :yeahright    :disbelief


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The media... :disbelief
That should be the default look on everybody's face when "michael jackson" and "the media" are in the same sentence:  :disbelief