Why do u keep holding on to me?


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I had an interesting dream about Michael last night.
We knew each other in this dream, but I don't know how.
Everywhere he went, I was holding on to him, just hugging him much like a daughter hugging her dad. Michael is much taller than I am in reality.
He was still able to move his arms and do whatever he needed to do, despite
the fact that I was attached to him like velcro around his waist.
He would walk away and do something, come back, and I would hold on to him
again and again. He started asking me 'Why do you keep holding on to me like this?' My response was always, 'No reason...' He asked me this several times, and my response was the same. He was not angry or annoyed, he just kept asking me that same question, and I kept responding the same way.In the dream, I knew that he was gonna pass away and how it would happen, but I couldn't tell him. My mission was to hold on to him everywhere he went, and I did. It was so vivid and real, I could actually feel my arms around his waist. It reminded me of a child not wanting to let her daddy go. It didn't feel romantic in any way. He was walking and I still held on, and he let me. The last thing I remember was he asked 'Why wont you let me go? Why do you keep holding on to me?' Once again, I said 'No reason.' I never even looked up at him. I just held onto him, and he let me...:michaeljacksonicon:
Its interesting, because I have been thinking lately that I have to let him go
in reality, or I will never be able to get past this, to really move on. But its so hard to do. I think I mentioned that to you guys a few weeks ago. Maybe this is the Lord's way of telling me its time to let go.
Or, maybe its just wishful thinking on my part. Wishing I could have been there to stop him, save him from himself and what I knew was gonna happen.
Maybe its this cold and high fever I have been running this week making me have these crazy dreams.
I even dreamt that Tiger Woods came to my Mom's house and we just hugged him and told him he would be okay. We even put the man to bed, and my Mom said she would fix him something to eat when he woke up.
Maybe, just maybe, I have finally lost my ever lovin' mind...:idontknow


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Wow....this was real interesting! I'm not good at these dream interpretations though :/

I wish I could have had a dream like that....minus the Tiger woods part :lol


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God I'm posting on here like crazy! I guess I did not realize how much I missed MJEOL.
Anyway, I had an interesting dream about MJ in January.
My heart was so heavy with thoughts of him because New Year's had just passed. I was very sad, but I couldn't tell anybody. I did not even have the strength to come here and vent. I call them
grief spells. It just hits me all of sudden. Not sure what triggers them. Anyway...
In the dream, I was in my mother's den. For some reason, I was sorting all of the MJ magazines
I bought since he passed. I was putting them in the window sill, they way people used to put
pies on the window sill to cool back in the day. Don't ask me why.
I turned to get some more mags, and when I turned back toward the window, Michael was standing there.
He was looking at the magazines and smiling. He had on his Come Together outfit.
I was not even startled. It was very strange. I just kept putting mags on the sill.
Then he held one and said that the cover had a long scratch on it. I leaned toward him to look at
it, and I said 'Oh yeah, I see it now.' He said 'I bet Jackie did it.' Don't ask me what that meant.
He put the magazine down. I said 'I love you', then we kissed like they do in Paris, and he said 'I love you too.'
I woke up immediately after he said that. I sat right up smiling. It was so vivid, so real.
I remember feeling really really happy and peaceful.
My nephew and boyfriend passed away suddenly, two years apart, about six years ago. My biggest regret was that I never had a chance to say goodbye to them. But God in His mercy allowed me to say goodbye to them in dreams that were very similar to the one I had about Michael.
A form of closure? A gift from my subconscious?
I dunno, but I truly appreciate it. :blush