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    Michael\'s really in Germany?][/url] He hasn't been spotted yet but there are paparazzis and cops all over the block where they think he is....
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    This dude thinks he\'s daaa real thang :P
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    Visionary MJ Party

    I dont know whether Paul has written on this site about the Visionary MJ event that will be held in London on the 23rd October, my site has its fullest support of course because I'm attending with lot's of fans from Sweden! But here's the information that you need for the event. CREDIT TO...
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    The Appearance of MJ in the UK Friday

    This topic is being discussed over at MJJF and I found it pretty good. Let's continue with the talk on here:
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    Here\'s an interesting question!

    I am talking to a friend on MSN about Michael's love for his fans. We're not on the same track she tells me that Michael only loves the crowd NOT the people, as for me I am saying that he loves the PEOPLE and THE CROWD. What is your emotion about this? Does Michael love his fans as persons or...
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    Rapper Michael Jackson (ROTFLMAO)

    I was logged onto my livejournal and I saw someone posting a picture of Michael's "make over" he looks extremely funny..... Look at this picture
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    For Swedish Fans.

    A new fan related book made by Fredrik Strage a famous swedish (music) journalist has written a book named "Fans" Fredrik is talking about Michael Jackson fans in there as well and I am being mentioned. Kent is telling us about this: Then later when we are watching Jeannette's...
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    ***VIDEO REVIEW*** 2002

    In 2002, Michael Jackson was betrayed by his partner of entertainment Sony Music, he spokes briefly about his thought of the Music Label. Right after the speech at Harlem he was interviewed by Rita Cosby for Fox News. The video can be viewed here...
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    There are already a thread for that subject so please do not post anymore boxset threads, if you want to talk about the boxset go here instead! Thank you very much - Cindy
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    Are there any certain picture that blows you away

    Notice the PICTURE word..... I know Michael looks incredible on most picture shoots but are there a certain on that blows you away? Which picture do you think Michael looks the best? I'd like to know
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    An Michael Jackson painting (im sending it to MJ soon)

    hey everyone I've been working on a new Michael Jackson painting what do you think of this one? I am very satsified with this drawing, what do you think? It was hard to do this but I did my best
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    I have an idea!

    Listen do you remember the artwork contest over at cmj I can't remember the url to that site but Thijs Smits had the site along with other fans, they had a monthly contest where you could win misc prices of Michael it could be anything from cd's to merchandise, I had an idea now, I was thinking...
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    Hey everyone I have been working on the first official mjjunited forum it's online now and here is a sneak preview on how it looks like :) you are welcome to join the forum :) Preview: click the image to enter!
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    Here are some HQ pictures of Michael at dangerous tour and bad tour + some various scans too :D BAD TOUR:
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    The Cutest Support Website for Michael on the NET!

    OMG people have you been on this wonderful page? it's a website for all young Michael Jackson fans that support him its so amazing, look at this pic for example: isn't that just lovely?? go there it's so cute :D...