Michael Jackson\'s image used on paedophile campaign posters


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We can help by writing this city and newspaper. Put some pressure on these people who are allowing it to happen. :wink


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Ok, first :mj_2asskicking: , then lots of :icon_hitting , more of these:chairbeat and finally, more:mjghetto. The paramedics? :8-25-03stretcher: don't bother. Let them lose horribly! Don't they know they might get their ass kicked for doing something like this. I swear people are full of:bs. It makes me so:8-26-03ranting: Anyway, that's how I feel.


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I truly hope they are going to stop doing hat disgusting thing to MJ.
What do they haave insead of a brain?:censored
OMG, how ridiculous! :rolleyes: And as some of you already pointed out, this isn't even a move designed to speak out against child molestation, but rather, to get at Michael. It reminds me of those few anti-Michael (mainly bitter old women..:rolleyes: :lol ) "protestors" outside of the courthouse in Santa Maria who didn't even freakin' know Gavin's name or ANYTHING about the "case"--they were deadset and prejudiced against Michael from the get-go. There was no talking to them..they already had their mind made up..

This also just goes to further show that the bigotry and ignorance against Michael Jackson is not just an American thing. Thanks to the mass media, it's worldwide. America doesn't "hate" Michael Jackson--it's the closeminded, ignorant faction of the WORLD that does. And it's unfair..and sad..:(

*steps out of thread*


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hopespringseternal said:
You know this is beyond disappointing to me:( but the biggest thing that people continue to hold on to is the 1993 Chandler accusations to justify calling Michael a pedophile. I have successfully been able to argue to people the falsehoods and lies with the Arviso’s and Francia’s but because the Chandler allegations were never litigated at trial along with Jordan Chandler never testifying under oath, people hold on to those allegations. Those allegations were the most vulgar, salacious, disturbing and horribly vile ones levied against Michael and since it started with Jordan the only way that Michael can be totally exonerated is Jordan telling the truth. Sadly I don’t ever seeing that happening since he is rich off of ill gotten wealth.

Well said. :)

Do you know how emptiness feels? That is how I feel about this tired issue. I cant even get angry anymore because it is so worthless. When you read, see and encounter the same bullshit time and time again, you just dont have any energy left to even feel upset anymore.

These people sound like a broken record, and when things get unbearably repetitive, it somehow doesnt even bother you sometimes. Now all I can do is laugh. Its everything we've all heard before, just rewritten in different ways. To this day, I still defend Michael wholeheartedly whenever I can, but I dont feel that same fury I used to feel maybe 5 years ago, when I was a new fan.

Now, its so old, its like, if you want to call him "Wacko Jacko", a child molester and God know's what else -- the joke is on you. The newscaster from a respected News channel refers to Michael Jackson as "Jacko" in the news report, and wants me to take them seriously? Does it take so much out of one to write "s" and "n" when they write an article? Is it too much to ask to use someone's goverment name? I mean really. They are the joke, not Michael. They need to just get over it, and fully accept that they keep a MJ shrine in the back of their closets :p


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OMG - I'm stunned!! How can the officials of any city allow that sort of crap to be posted up on their billboards? If I was the city governor I'd have someone's head for that!

That's just indescribable - and how ghastly for Michael AND for Mac, too!!! I hope both their lawyers are onto this and they tear apart whoever is responsible!