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    Michael Jackson’s Irrevocable Trust and Estate Woes with IRS

    Now how did I know it would end up being Michael's fault.  Michael Jackson’s Irrevocable Trust and Estate Woes with IRS Helped Greatly by Revenue After Death and New Album in May Opines A new album by the late King of Pop will hit stores in May and will contribute to the...
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    Michael Jackson Fans Win Damages In French Court

    Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson Fans Win Damages In French Court by WENN | 11 February 2014 Five European Michael Jackson fans have been awarded one euro ($1.37/£0.86) each for the "emotional damage" they suffered after the King of Pop's death in 2009. In total, 34 fans sued Jackson's doctor...
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    The Media Lied To Us Again?????

    You would like after so many years of lies and so many years catching the Media in their money making lies we'd know better.  The number of MJ Fans that went on a rant over a lie told was typical.  There were a lot.  The Tabloids used our feelings about Michael and Lady GaGa to rake in the cash...
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    DA gets 10 days in jail after innocent man spends 25 yrs in prison

    I believe the punishment did not fit the DA's crime.  I know this will not deter others who have and do the same.
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    Who's Bad. Preview of HL Special, Collectors Edition

    By Aida Poulsen Michael Jackson: Did he need to die? Who's Bad. Preview of HL Special, Collectors Edition Michael Jackson November 2013 magazine cover We started to write a piece on the medical issues of the wrongful death trial with AEG Live sued by Michael Jackson’s family (which was...
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    No matter the thin snark in the article, what I see is TMZ has moved from gutter licker to be pimp/press agent for CM. I bet either CNN or NBC will be the first to have a CM after jail (his horrific...HA!..time in jail special or interview) From TMZ article dtd:  Oct 21, 2013 Look back at...
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    Corey Felman says: Only safe place he knew was with Michael Jackson.

    Troubled lives of the Lost Boys: Corey Feldman reveals horrific sexual abuse he and Corey Haim endured as child stars... and how his friendship Michael Jackson was 'the healthiest relationship he had'     Corey Feldman starred in hit movies 'Stand By Me,' 'The Lost Boys,' 'Gremlins' and 'The...
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    No wonder Jurors found AEG Live "Not Guilty"

    No wonder AEG was found not guilty of Michael Jackson's wrongful death at the hands on their employee Conrad Murray. Headlines from LA Times Live updates: Michael Jackson jury explains why it sided with AEG :cantfigureout Michael Jackson jury?????  And here I thought AEG Live was on...
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    Jurors hear legal instructions in Jackson-AEG suit

    Associated Press LINDA DEUTSCH September 23, 2013 3:33 PM "LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jurors in the negligence lawsuit by Michael Jackson's mother against concert giant AEG Live LLC have heard legal instructions from a judge on the eve of final arguments in the 21-week trial. Jury members listened...
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    Closing arguments: Michael Jackson wrongful death trial:

    Judge has moved court to a larger room and is allowing cameras for living streaming of the closing arguments.  Now we get to observe.....
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    Judge Dismisses AEG Execs From Jackson Lawsuit

    "Los Angeles (CNN) -- A judge rejected AEG Live's request that she dismiss the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit, but two executives were dropped as individual defendants on Monday, a ruling that had each side claiming a measure of victory. The trial, which is in its fifth month in a Los...
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    Michael Jackson's pain was real, doctor testifies

    We have always known that. Even HLN's JVM who has come to speak better about MJ thought his asking for meds was something addicts like she use to be did to get high. It is the difference btw thinking you know and knowing. It is why it is so important the Media tells the truth and not some made...
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    AEG Trial: Just when you think you've heard it all !!!!!!

    I remember being angry with myself when I first read Janet Arvizo's 05 trial testimony, because I kept laughing.  Michael was in danger and his life was on the line and it was a very serious matter.  There was such a sense of the ridiculous in her testimony I could not help myself. Several...
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    Alfonso Ribeiro Talks About Allegations Concerning Michael Jackson

    Alfonso Ribeiro Talks About Allegations Concerning Michael Jackson in an Interview on Black Hollywood Live Actor Alfonso Ribeiro, known primarily for his portrayal of Carlton on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", made an appearance on Black Hollywood Live's Portraits interview show this past Friday...
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    Why $702 Million IRS Tax MJ's Estate Won't Stand Up

    "Who's Bad? Perhaps the numbers behind the $702 million IRS claim against Michael Jackson's estate. Michael Jackson has earned over half a billion dollars since his death–and now Uncle Sam wants a piece of the action. Earlier today reports surfaced saying that the IRS is hitting Jackson’s...