How did you find MJEOL?


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I found this site, hungry for another MJ forum to join. I got kicked out of the mjj2005 forum for either reading something I wasn't supposed to or saying something defamatory toward Obama (I'm not a big fan of Obama. Don't kick me off this board though please!)

It was about something he said in his Campaign about Christians or something I don't remember what it was I said, but the day after I got banned from that board. So I came here. I enjoy being here, there's no other place I'd rather be. Figured I'd put my two cents in. There you go!


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wow it was such a long time ago i can't even remember

i think i was just searching for a new Michael Jackson board, then I was reading the story posted on the board then I just wanted to join the board after I saw how nice and chill that it was.

I'm so glad I found it!! And I usually forget boards but I just could never ever ever forget this amazing story and I always came back to I thank the story too for keeping me here.
I was searching for some fansites and I have been a member of 4 active fansites including MJEOL and I just registered myself to another fansite a few days ago.. :)

Every fansite I am in is not the same. MJEOL, although it's the same as the rest of the fansites, here we don't criticize one another, we get to communicate with positive feedbacks on anything about Michael.:wub::8-26-03respect::D

The other fansite, although Whisper knew partly about what happened before, I still visits the site because to be honest, they always come up with new scoop of Michael whether with 2nd or 3rd sources, like new sightings of Michael BUT there are some people there, I don't know if they are fans or what but they criticize and tend to share negative feedbacks about Michael and some of them would say that they're not trying to agree on Michael 100%, some were talking about the molestation charges and I just hate it because as if like they did not understand what ACQUITTED means (and that as evidences showed up as they referred to, there were no match up to it...).:8-26-03ranting:

The other fansite, it's more novelty and I just love it! Younger Mike, teenager Mike, young adult and adult Mike's videos, you can find it there!:bleh:wub::lol:rolleyes:

The other fansite, you don't have communication with the administrator or coordinator, basically they would put new "real" scoop about Mike WITHOUT 2nd or 3rd sources, they don't put there--- according to TMZ or other british tabloids, you can't see or read it there! But they closed the site :idontknow :( already just before that Bain case suing Mike for some DAMN reason!:angry:

The new fansite I am in, I still don't know. :idontknow

I visited this site sooooo much more than the rest though.. :bleh :8-26-03respect:


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Im'm a big web browser lol I found the site surfing the web im glad i did find it im starting to like it here


i knew the forum for ages. but i have forgotten either my login name and password cause i was always on mjjf or mjjc now. and i want to come back here

by the way Hi everybody :)


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CatherineNZ;226144 said:
i knew the forum for ages. but i have forgotten either my login name and password cause i was always on mjjf or mjjc now. and i want to come back here

by the way Hi everybody :)

Hi. :michaeljacksonicon:


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Good question had to take some time to remember.

Was doing a backwards search for article found on The Veritas Project page.  The link was broken.  Google brought up the same article on MJEOL #2 under the Bullets.  I was so busy reading it was a week or two before I realized MJEOL had a forum then life really go good.  :thumbsup

Glad I found MJEOL.    :cloud9