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    Memorial for Michael Jackson at Staples center

    will be held Tuesday at 10am Press conference live on CNN right now
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    Jennifer Batten!!!

    [/img] Remember her? Guitar player for the Bad and part of Dangerous tour? Well, I just found out she's a graduate from the school I'm attending!!! And she'll be here on September for a clinic. I'm so excited I had to share with u guys :D
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    Mister Lonely

    Anyone seen this?
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    Stevie Wonder and Friends (12th Annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert)

    Hello all!!!! How's it going? Well, I just wanted to post some info on the Stevie Wonder thing: December 15th, 2007 7:00 pm NOKIA Theatre ( 777 Chick Hearn Court Los Angeles, CA Price: $45.00 - $115.00 If you can, go and check it out. I hear it's a really...
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    Wassup people!!!!! So yesterday there was an audition to get in a choir to sing We Are The World with Stevie Wonder and I got it!!!!!! It's like 50 people so it's gonna be amazing! It's gonna be on December 15th, but I don't have any more details. I'm sure it's gonna be on TV, but I'll let you...
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    Remember this?

    c93o05SrWzE I absolutely adore this!! I think Mike should do something like this for the new album. Well, not exactly like this, we all know he's about doing innovative stuff, but something as big and cool and new as this was. Remember all the...
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    Drawing of nude MJ

    Wassup all! Listen up, I was checking another MJ forum and one guy there posted a drawing of a nude MJ, so I got inspired and made my own drawing. I was wondering if it would be ok to post it in this forum? It's nothing offensive or pornographic in any way, it's just art. :8-26-03respect...
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    Anybody lives in LA??

    Wassup all?? Sooooo, I'm gonna go live in LA, around the Hollywood area. The thing is that I don't know anybody, it's my first time living in the US and I'm gonna be all alone :( Well, at least at the beginning, 'cause I'm gonna study there and I assume I'll make some friends at school, right...
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    Is he out of his damn mind!?!

    WTF?? What did he think he was doing??? What if that animal turned around and bit "Willy"??? Seriously though, I wouldn't go anywhere near one of those not for a million bucks!!
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    Ever seen this??

    Anti-gravity illusion patent (Smooth Criminal thingy) so THAT'S how he does it!!
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    James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince LIVE

    Anybody ever see this before??:o X8x-1pizn-8
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    Michael Jackson\'s image used on paedophile campaign posters

    OK, THIS OFFICIALY SUCKS!!! :pullhair Michael Jackson's image used on paedophile campaign posters Mar 23, 2006, 12:27 GMT Budapest - Michael Jackson's image has appeared across Budapest on posters that accuse Hungary's liberal party of promoting paedophilia. Self-proclaimed...
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    Some interesting facts...

    I found this at It's quite interesting. There's a few things I didn't know: THRILLER -The videou Thriller set a line between before and after the making of music videos and it was the first one to become a music "shortfilm". Over 20 years later, it's still cosidered...
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    Geraldine Hughes Needs Your Support

    Lets help her out peeps! Michael Jackson Fan Call To Action MichaelGate: The Conspiracy, Author Geraldine Hughes Needs Your Support Hello to the world's greatest fans, supporters and friends of Michael Jackson: I continue to marvel at the power of Michael Jackson's fan clubs and fans. I seek...
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    check out what I just found...

    I was doing some cleaning in my bedroom and I found this. I did it as a school proyect :D These are a bit blurry Close up on the "I" Close up on the "A" Like it? :D